RIAG Files Defamation Suit Against Netflix Re The Queen’s Gambit

Here is a link to the complaint we filed today, with our co-counsel Rodney Smolla, in federal court in Los Angeles against Netflix because of a false statement made against our client, Nona Gaprindashvili, in The Queen’s Gambit 1. Complaint

Nona is an extraordinary woman who was a real trailblazer for female chess players beginning in the 196o’s. She competed against and beat some of the top male players in the world and was the first woman to be recognized as a Grandmaster in the open category. She still plays aged 80 and is a wonderfully sharp and formidable lady who was outraged when Netflix referred to her by name in the final episode and falsely stated that she never played men. This was clearly done to heighten the dramatic impact of a scene in which the fictional heroine was playing a male Grandmaster, but it was a clear and deliberate lie as the source novel stated that Nona played men, and Garry Kasparov, who knows her well, was a consultant on the series.



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