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Tuesday, April 4th, 2023


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Alexander Rufus-Isaacs To Receive the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s President’s Award for 2017

Friday, September 15th, 2017

RIAG partner Alexander Rufus-Isaacs will receive the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s annual President’s Award at the Installation and Awards Dinner on Tuesday September 26, 2017, at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. For more information, see


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5th Annual AFM Party

Monday, December 7th, 2015

RIAG hosted its 5th annual AFM party at Chez Jay’s, the legendary Santa Monica bar, on November 8, but this year we had a co-host – our longstanding client and dear friends at  Bitmax LLC ( You can judge for yourself how it went from these photos.

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Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Together with co-counsel Ian Brenson and Rodney Smolla (, we filed a defamation lawsuit on 11/6/15 in federal court in Chicago against The Hollywood Reporter arising out of an article about the Sony cyberattack last December. See complaint:  Our client, Nicole Basile, is a freelance payroll administrator who has been working on major film productions for the last several years. The Hollywood Reporter article singled out Nicole and falsely communicated, explicitly and by undisguised implication, that she was one of the hackers responsible for the cyberattack. Since the article came out, she has not been offered a single job commensurate with her experience. It has, in short, destroyed her career.



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Trademarks 101 at the Beverly Hills Bar Association with Speaker Paul D. Supnik

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Rufus-Isaacs, Acland & Grantham, LLP’s Paul D. Supnik will be the speaker at the August 6, 2015 Beverly Hills Bar Association luncheon program “Trademarks 101 – Selection and Protection Basics for the Business Attorney.”
Trademarks 101 (Paul Supnik)

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From ‘The Blob’ Remake

Friday, March 20th, 2015

RIAG partner Bill Grantham’s client Richard Saperstein is producing the remake of ‘The Blob’ with Brian Witten. See report at

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Animation, New Media
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Art – Public and Private, Policies, Maintenance, Artist Agreements, Publishing
Civil Rights Litigation
Construction Contract Disputes
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Criminal Appeals
Criminal Defense – Juvenile
Criminal Defense – Misdemeanors & Felonies
D.C. (Admission)
DMV Administrative Hearings
Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders
Employment Negotiations
England and Wales (Admission)
Estate Planning
Entertainment – Acquisition, Development, Distribution, Production
Film Finance
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IFTA Arbitration
International and Comparative Copyright
International Film and TV Co-Production
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Litigation – General Business
Litigation – General Tort
Litigation – Trademark and Copyright
Media – First Amendment, Privacy, Publicity, Defamation and Reputation Management
Medical Malpractice
Negligence/Malfeasance – Professional and Commercial
New York (Admission)
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Admission)
Oregon (Admission)
Personal Injury
Police Misconduct
Private International Law
Production Counsel
Product Liability – Commercial, Pharmacological
Real Estate – Lending, Financing, Leasing, Development
Secured Transactions – Non-Real Estate
Trademarks – Domestic, International, TTAB Proceedings
Trade Secrets
Trusts and Trust administration
TV – Scripted & Non Scripted
UCC Article 9 Foreclosure
Uniform Commercial Code
Washington (Admission)
Will Contests and Trust Litigation


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Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

On May 10, 2014, London media law firm Harbottle & Lewis hosted the first meeting of the London chapter that featured a live panel discussion. The topic was a comparison of rights of publicity law in both jurisdictions. Harbottle’s John Kelly spoke about English law, and RIAG’S Alexander Rufus-Isaacs spoke about US law.

Shortly before the panel, the UK papers had reported an incident when a hairdresser in West London had placed a photograph of a disheveled-looking Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, in its window, with the legend: “Having a bad hair day? Pop in for a cut!” Not seeing the humor in this, 2 officials from the North Korean embassy visited the hairdresser and told him to take down the photograph. He sent them packing using a colorful version of “This is England, mate, not North Korea.” This proved to be a good illustration of the differences in the 2 legal systems. Had this occurred in California, a court would probably find that the Dear Leader’s likeness had been knowingly used for commercial purposes without his permission, and if he could make a decent showing of damages, he would probably prevail under common law misappropriation of likeness and Civ. Code §3344, and recover damages and attorney’s fees. However under English law, he has no rights to this own image and could only win if he could establish “passing off,” a common law tort based on consumer confusion, similar to the Lanham Act, which in all likelihood he would be unable to do.

Many other topics were discussed, including the recent European ruling against Google on Max Mosely’s action seeking the “right to be forgotten,” the post mortem right of publicity statute in California (no equivalent in England), First Amendment defenses in the USA vs the “newsworthiness” test in England, and identifiability. This was followed by a spirited question and answer session with the audience consisting of around 30 media lawyers, mostly from the UK, but some from the USA, Europe and Australia. The evening finished with an enthusiastic assault on Harbottle’s venerated wine cellar.

Alexander Rufus-Isaacs

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RIAG Files “Libel In Fiction” Lawsuit

Monday, April 21st, 2014

RIAG and our co-counsel, Neville Johnson of Johnson & Johnson, and Prof. Rodney Smolla (author of the leading treatise, Law of Defamation), have filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ronee Sue Blakley – singer, musician and Oscar-nominated actress (Nashville). Ronee Sue had a daughter in 1988 with a man named Carroll Cartwright, which led to a long and highly acrimonious custody battle. Cartwright wrote a script about a long and highly acrimonious custody battle, which he presents as an adaption of the Henry James novel, What Maisie Knew, but is, as he has freely admitted in press interviews, based on his own experiences. The script was made into a film of the same name which was released in 2013 with Julianne Moore playing the mother, and Steve Coogan as the father. Cartwright based the mother character very closely on Ronee Sue, and the film makes her out to be a complete monster, whereas in reality, she was an utterly devoted mother and she is devastated and appalled by being portrayed in the film as this terrible mother. The complaint was filed in LA Superior Court on April 18, and has been extensively covered in the press, e.g.,

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Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Our client, Dave Williams, was falsely accused on ABC’S 20-20 of being a conman and an internet predator. We sued ABC and his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Cahill, on his behalf. They filed an anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss the lawsuit which was denied by the trial court last March. ABC and Cahill appealed, though ABC subsequently settled.

Oral argument before the CA Court of Appeal was exceptionally one-sided in our favor:

And on March 26, the appellate court affirmed the trial court’s decision:

We hope to get a trial date before the end of the year.

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